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About the company

We are a privately owned company that has been providing services and products to the gaming industry for over 20 years.  Most of our expertise is in the area of technological development.  

We have an innovative progressive meter system, a gaming machine upgrade kit, casino-style skill games and game program memory protection technology.  We hold several patents and have others in the application process. Some of the patents we hold are:

United States Patent Number 5,380,008
United States Patent Number 6,053,813  
United States Patent Number 7,155,590            
United States Patent Number 7,192,346

We can provide both spinning reel and video games as new platforms using our upgrade components and these can be configured as either Class III games or as skill-games using our patented and patent pending algorithms. Our proprietary gaming machine architecture allows for nearly unlimited expandability and we can easily adapt to provide components for many peripherals. 

Our progressive meter system employs LED RGB (Red, Green, Blue) in-game meters and LCD or plasma displays as overhead meters.  Link connections can be wired or wireless and all communications are encrypted.  We provide a very compact in-game meter system to allow building of stand-alone progressives also.
Game memory protection technology is covered by United States Patent Number 7,155,590 and can be either integrated into the game board or provided as a separate unit to plug into a memory socket on an existing game board.

Please contact us if you have interest in any of the things described above or if you have a new project in which you think we can be of assistance. We can be reached at: sales@4-ace.com